Our body can accumulate a lot of toxic substances for a long period. This can be from sources like food and environmental exposures. This can cause the process of cell division to malfunction which in turn cause free radicals in the body to degenerate the cells.

Eventually, the cells mutated into cancer cells. Cancer begins with the conversion of normal cells into tumor cells. Other contributing factors are heredity and exposure to external stimuli.

Therefore, if we reduce the accumulation of toxins in the body, we can reduce the risk of cancer and that can be done through a treatment called Chelation therapy.

Chelation restores health and cleanse the body of heavy metal toxins such as lead, mercury, arsenic, that may have entered through various means.

The toxins will be eliminated through the urine with the help of the Chelating Agent. This will restore the blood vessel functions and help with the circulatory system. In addition, reducing the risk of cancer recurrence and help restore plus prevent health problems.