Chelation therapy

Chelation is the detoxification of blood vessels. via intravenous therapy. The induced fluid contains an amino acid compound called EDTA mixed with vitamins and minerals. EDTA plays an important role in binding heavy metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic, excess calcium and other toxins that accumulate in tissues and plugs on the walls of blood vessels. These toxins will then be eliminated through the urinary system. This method will help restore blood vessels and can help the circulatory system in the body flow better. In addition, this therapy may also reduce the risk of cancer by helping restore and prevent health problems at the same time.

 Our bodies can accumulate toxins over a long period of time, either from eating unhealthy food or being exposed to toxic fumes in the environment. It will affect the abnormality in cell division, causing free radicals in the body. This may cause cell deterioration and eventually may multiply into cancer cells (cancer begins with cell transformation of normal cells in the body to be tumor cells). There are several factors that may cause cancer, such as heredity or exposure to external stimuli. However, what is certain is that the more toxins our bodies accumulate, plus the time period of accumulation, increases the risk of cancer.