The word “Akesis,”epitomizes the ancient Greek deity of healing and convalescence. Interestingly, this goddess exemplifies the process of curing, rather than the cure itself.

We feel this to be the perfect representation of our purpose – to guide our patients into reclaiming their own health and vitality. Our job is to provide a personal healing journey that not only successfully addresses health issues, but prepares you for a life free from disease and full of vitality.

Our commitment is to provide you with a long term, sustainable treatment solution that limits personal suffering and enhances, not diminishes, your quality of life.

We do this through:

  • Expert Medical Care
  • Cutting Edge Treatments
  • Deep cleansing and detox programs
  • Nutritious, organic and balanced dietary plans
  • Spiritual & psychological Support
  • Expressive workshops – such as music therapy, art class and creative writing
  • Gentle movement
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