GcMAF is a type of protein that has an important function in stimulating the immune system and destroying various cancer cells. This is done by stimulating the type of white blood cells known as Macrophage, which is a type of white blood cells that work to catch and eat foreign bodies such as viruses, bacteria and various germs.

This type of white blood cells is found both in the blood and in various tissues. But they are generally found in tissues, especially in those tissues that are infected by cancer.

Some early studies suggest that it may be helpful for people with late-stage cancers. Researchers tested the GcMAF on people with breast, colorectal, and prostate cancers who had undergone a combination of conventional cancer treatment.

The patients were given a small dosage of GcMAF on a weekly basis. All of the patients were cured, after a few months of going through the treatment protocol. The patients were then observed for a period of 4 to 7 years and results are impressive. The cancer had not come back within the period of observation.

Therefore, GcMAF with a combination of conventional approach through the Integrative Medicine pathway may be the key to one’s battle against cancer.