RIGVIR therapy

RIGVIR is one of the many cancer treatments that uses a special virus that is aimed at infecting only the cancer cells while not affecting any normal cells. This antiviral therapy is registered and approved for the treatment of cancer and had been registered in Latvia since 2004.

Supporting the immune system

RIGVIR belongs to the group of medication called immunomodulators. RIGVIR is a type of virus based immunomodulator with proven anti-tumor response for the treatment of melanoma, local treatment of skin and subcutaneous metastases of melanoma, for prevention of cancer relapse and post-surgery metastases.
It is also a live, non-pathogenic substance that has not been genetically modified. Additional facts are as follows:

  • Selectively infects tumor cells
  • It is a safe and effective form of cancer treatment
  • Improves progression time, overall survival and the quality of life for cancer patients.
  • It is well tolerated
  • Causes no if any serious adverse effects
  • Has oncolytic and oncotropic properties (more information found below)

How it works

RIGVIR finds and infects tumor cells in a process is called oncotropism. It is able to replicate in tumor cells and effectively destroying them through a process called oncolysis. Both of the processes mentioned only selectively affects cancerous cells and Does Not or has very minimal effect on healthy cells.