10 Mins Yoga to Fight Cancer

Yoga is well known as it helps lessen side effects of cancer treatments, thus improving the physical and mental wellbeing of patients. Join Tamara Paul, Yoga Instructor at Akesis Life Integrative Oncology Treatment Centre for this 10-minutes yoga practice to help you find the emotional balance.

Simple Recipe to Fight Cancer by Chef O

Food is a part of life, and a balanced diet is essential for anyone, but it is even more crucial for people diagnosed with cancer. Chef O, an executive chef at O’ganic Concept Restaurant who leads the cooking workshop for patients and caretakers at Akesis Life, shares the concept of cooking healthy and tasty meals to fight cancer.

Bach Flowers Remedies: The Sense of the Scent Therapy

It is normal for people with cancer diagnosed to have emotional problems. However, the emotional imbalance worsens the patient’s symptoms. Dr Chantana Somphadung, Medical Doctor at Akesis Life Clinic, explains how the treatment is frequently used for helping patient coping with stress and complementing the integrative approach.

What is the integrative oncology?

Undergoing sessions of cancer treatment is struggle and scary, but the side-effects are even harsh. There are more choices for treatment, in this video, Dr Chatchai Sribundit, a Distinguish Founder of Akesis Life, explains what the integrative oncology approach is and why the patients do not necessarily suffer from the side-effects.

Vitamin C can kill Cancer : Truth or Belief

We all heard about plenty of benefits of Vitamin C or aka ascorbic acid from its potency in preventing cold to its ability to keep our body defense system functioning, but is it true that vitamin C can kill cancer? Dr Sitt Tienthiti, an integrative oncology practitioner at Akesis Life has an answer.

The Journey of Akesis Life

All story has its story to tell, also the ‘Akesis Life Integrative Oncology Centre’. Let’s watch Dr Chatchai Sribundit, a distinguished founder, talks about the beginning of Akesis Life and its journey to becoming the world-class integrative cancer treatment centre.

How to lower risk of cancer

Prevention is better than cure. Even though it is hard to say what the single cause of cancer is, Dr Sitt, an Integrative Medicine Practitioner, tells how we can lower our risk exposure by changing or adopting some behaviours and improving our chances of beating the disease if we do get it.

How Immune system fights cancer

Do you wonder why the immune system is critical in fighting cancer? Dr Sitt Tienthiti, an Integrative Medicine Practitioner, has an answer. He tells us how the immune system works, how the disease weakens the immune system, and how the healthy immune system can fight cancer.