It must be undeniable that the environment around us is full of toxins and chemicals as compared to the past. The effects of accelerating industrial development, free competition, and capitalism cause the emergence of factories and speed up the use of abundant natural resources, which equates to a loss of natural balance and a reduction of green areas. Burning, smoke, leaching on minerals have been increasing over the past nearly 200 years, almost all over the world.

For these reasons, human food sources today contain toxic substances. Today, more people are aware that there is an increase in the contamination of various toxins, such as heavy metals, mercury, arsenic, and the average accumulation of these toxins in meat, fish, seafood, or vegetables and fruits coated with pesticides. Even tap water is not really clean and drinkable because sometimes there is still a contaminated red coloring with a stronger smell of chlorine.

To stay healthy, detoxification plays an important role in helping to enhance and support the body’s natural detoxification process. 

We are also exposed to toxic substances daily in our environment. For women, wearing make-up, hair dye, and nail polish can be a good toxin source. In addition, many food shops still use older pots that contain lead, and people with silver amalgam fillings in their oral cavities are a health risk. Even children are over-vaccinated because some of the components in the vaccine may contain mercury. Children’s toys and colorful children’s clothing, particularly from China, have been found to contain toxic amines or contaminated with lead. This, in turn, can have an impact on children’s development and increase the risk of cancer. Even foam boxes and plastic bags can pose as health hazards. 

It may sound scary, but many people have diseases that they might not be aware of. That’s because our bodies have antioxidant mechanisms that get rid of these toxins with the help of our liver and kidneys. However, if the toxins start to increase, our bodies can deteriorate. Since we are getting older every day, our detoxification mechanism may not be as good as before. Therefore, it is not strange that now the statistics for cancer, heart disease, and stroke are increasing every year and have never dropped. Cell destruction can be gradual, and diseases can be asymptomatic. 

Therefore, to stay healthy, detoxification plays an important role in helping to enhance and support the body’s natural detoxification process.