Intravenous amino acids & vitamins

Our bodies cannot produce essential amino acids and some vitamins, so we must obtain them through food and supplementation. But, every now and then, our diet falls short, and part of the reason is how our bodies break down what we eat, a condition known as malabsorption. Maldigestion due to intestinal issue is another condition that can also cause the body to reject essential amino acids and vitamins.

Optimal amino acids and some vitamins can help our body in a variety of ways and they are as follows:

• Reduce fatigue
• Improve digestive problems
• Improve fertility issues
• Increase immunity
• Increase mental alertness
• Fight against depression and many other issues

Intravenous amino acid and vitamins therapy is an excellent option to get as much as 90% of essential nutrients quickly and, therefore, resolve any of the problems mentioned above.