(Emotionally focused transformation)

Faster EFT has been known to be one of the most effective counselling-based therapy that helps probe and re-inline any form of negative thoughts or emotions that are affecting one’s life. The therapy focuses on the way the past is viewed and the actions that may affect the future. It helps clear negative experiences, beliefs and let go of any negative patterns of behavior like anxiety, depression caused by health issues so that patients can take a positive step forward.

Emotions, stress plus anxiety are stimulating factors that affect the brain’s ability to form new neural connections that can re-configurate the thought processes. This can have a very strong impact on a person who is battling with health problems. Therefore, it is extremely important to not only look after one’s physical health but also to focus on the mental and emotional spectrum. In conjunction with other supportive treatments, Faster EFT will provide a more holistically effective point of care to patients and at the same time enhance caregivers’ support.