Cancer prevention program

Cancer! Everyone fears it and hopes to avoid it. It is a disease with one of the highest mortality rates. However, very few people seek proper health care in order to find the right answer. Eating, sleeping, emotions, stress, and toxicity exposure are all factors that are frequently overlooked.

Studies have shown that most cancer deaths are commonly caused by late diagnosis. This is because by the time the patient is diagnosed, the cancer would have already metastasized and therefore causing the body to deteriorate. In most cases, this can be clearly seen from the externally physical appearance plus the pain and suffering the patient is experiencing inside.
Integrative medicine focuses on eliminating toxins in the body and balancing the immune system to prevent and reduce the risk of cancer. This can help an individual’s immunity to remain strong in order to prevent cell mutation and the activation of cancer cells. Furthermore, key factors such as early screening and preventive measures can help to reduce this risk.


The program is suitable for

• who has cancer inheritance
• who is living in a toxic environment
• Living near industrial area
• Living in a polluted area
• Living in a toxic relationship
• who is living an unhealthy lifestyle
• Having abnormal sleep routine
• Consuming a lot of highly processed food,highly temperature cooked food ,high carbohydrate
• Consuming less fruits and vegetables
• Consuming insufficient water
• Having high stressed
• Having mental trauma
• who is interested in cancer prevention
• who is interested in cancer recurrence prevention


Benefit of the program

• Your body and mind is getting more balanced
• Your body’s function of detoxification and immune system is enhanced
• Your risk of cancer or cancer recurrence is under controlled
• Your risk of other chronic diseases is also under controlled
• Your knowledge of how to live away from cancer is improved


How we can help?

• Detoxifying waste and toxins accumulated in the body which compromise the immune system

• Purifying lymphatic system and colon which is the important part of the immune system

• Reducing the inflammation induced in the body

• Enhancing the ability of the immune system to fight with abnormal cells in the body

• Rebalancing mental stress & trauma which is also one of cancer factors

• Coaching how to maintain healthy lifestyle to prevent cancer