LED Therapy

There is a long history in the use of light for therapeutic treatments. Light itself has beneficial cell properties, including energy generation. Therefore, through innovation and scientific research, effective treatments through light therapy have come a long way.

How does the light therapy work?

During treatment, light wavelengths are released by laser light. The type of light selected for treatment is according to the type of disease the patient is suffering from.

There are various routes available with regards to light therapy. It can be in a form of a lamp over the skin or a small needle that can emit laser light from the tip. The lights have different frequencies and healing properties. Some examples are as follows:

  • Purple or UV light waves have good sterilization properties.
  • Red light can generate good energy.
  • Green light helps with circulation.
  • Blue light reduces inflammation.

What can light energy therapy cure?

According to many research studies, light therapy has been used to treat many forms of diseases. Some examples are; skin psoriasis or skin cancer, in which light therapy via lamps are used to directly at the problem point to stimulate a reaction.

In addition, the effectiveness of light therapy is also being used in treating chronic diseases such as, chronic fatigue syndrome or degenerative diseases such as diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

How safe is light therapy?

Light therapy is one of the safest forms of treatment techniques. This is because the wavelength of the light being used in the therapy is the same as natural sunlight. The light does not cause any radiation such as one would experience during an X-ray. Having said that, patients can undergo treatment through light therapy without any worries of possible side effects, harm or risk of cancer.