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Boost Vitamin D Level Boost Your Immune System

Special Package: Check Vitamin D Level + One IV Vitamin D Treatment.

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Know Our Body Before We Get Sick


“The chemo kills the cancer, but also kills your immune system. It’s like kicking your body everyday.

But here, after I get the Ozone [Therapy] I feel the energy.”

Sarinya L. Gutierrez

Akesis Life’s breast cancer patient.

“Because you never learn that you have control. You’re not told how to heal yourself at an early age.

…and that needs a mindset shift, a paradigm shift.”

Alia Almoyad

on the Eastern Medicine with cancer.

“In conventional treatment they are just suppressing. I’m very impressed with the program here. We have a chance to rebuild our body to fight the cancer disease.”


talks on experience with Akesis Life Treatment.

Akesis Life Treatment Pathway

“We focus on the complete patient, not just cancer” Akesis Life believes in using the most effective holistic cancer treatments in our comprehensive approach to optimal health restoration without harming the body.

The truth about cancer

To live a cancer-free life, it does not end at only cut it, burn it and poison it to eliminate the cancer cells, it requires more than that. The seed of cancer is still there inside the body, waiting for fertilizer. With Akesis Life’s comprehensive healing program, we use the advanced integrative medicine to ensure the least fertilizer entry to regrow the cancer seeds.

Patient Guide

We walk you through the integrative oncology pathway to the cancer-free life. Here is everything you need to know how to get our care at Akesis Life Integrative Oncology Treatment Centre.

Medical Articles

Why the integrative cancer treatment

Why the integrative cancer treatment

Talking about cancer, people who are diagnosed with cancer would be definitely struck with fear and anxiety. The mind controls the body, though. Once people allow the fear and anxiety hit your thoughts, it not only worsening the mental health, it can even weaken the body and support the growth of the malignant.

How the workshop could increase a chance to beat cancer

How the workshop could increase a chance to beat cancer

Why does the simple workshop like cooking, handcraft can help cancer patients battle with cancer? That must be questioned in a lot of people mind. Mandy Lee, 27, a cancer patient at Akesis Life Integrative Oncology Centre in Bangkok is here to share her experiences of being active workshops attendant.

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