Even after completion of Cancer treatment, Cancer patients should not ignore the following:

• Regular health check

• Looking out for abnormalities

• Possibility of residual Cancer-causing recurrence

Everyone wants to return to the normal routine immediately. However, the prevention of Cancer recurrence is key.

Risk of exposure to toxins can lead to the return and spread of the cancer if there are no proper supervision or control of factors such as:

• Negative emotions

• Unhealthy foods

• Toxic environment and more

We at Akesis Life recognize the importance of post Cancer treatment care and patient education in order to avoid the possibility of Cancer recurrence. We have created a program to assist patients in enhancing their ability to care for themselves the right way. The program includes the following:

• Teaching lifestyle adjustments

• Teaching of healthy cooking methods

• Mood adjustment

• Immunity enhancement

• Elimination of waste and toxins through various pathways