The type of food one consumes can either improve or contribute to the spread of cancer. We at Akesis Life strongly believe in the term “let food be thy medicine”. We focus on healthy plus nutritional food sources that has been proven to be effective in cancer prevention and management while cultivating a curative culinary pathway.

We believe that eating a healthy, standardized diet with the right amount of nutrients to meet the patient’s needs can help boost the health, immunity and strength of a patient.

At Akesis Life, we provide nutritional advice plus tailored cancer nutritional guidance to our patients. Our team of experience medical and nutritional experts will formulate highly specific dietary programs that is tailored to the needs and condition of the patient. Patient’s progress will also be closely monitored.

If you or your loved ones are facing difficulties in terms of nutrition or consumption while battling cancer, fret not! We at Akesis Life, will look after you.