Akesis Life is an integrative oncology and lifestyle modification center focused on rebalancing and preventing chronic diseases through integrative medicine. We provide phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to help reduce the risk of conditions like diabetes, obesity, heart disease, kidney disease, Alzheimer’s, osteoarthritis, and cancer. Our modern environment is saturated with toxins and chemicals, disrupting the natural balance and reducing green spaces worldwide. Consequently, our food sources are contaminated with toxins such as heavy metals and pesticides, and even tap water may contain impurities. This constant exposure to toxins can impact our health over time, leading to the rise of diseases like cancer and heart disease.

Detoxification is essential for our bodies to eliminate toxins efficiently. Akesis Life offers comprehensive services to stimulate and support the body’s natural detoxification processes. Guests can enjoy a relaxing stay in a luxury 5-star hotel while receiving thorough health checks. Our services include detoxification of accumulated toxins in the lymphatic system, sweating stimulation to aid toxin elimination, and IV liver detox to eliminate long-term liver toxins. After detoxification, guests are provided with a well-balanced meal from our O’ganic Concept Restaurant, ensuring they receive complete and healthy nutrients. Don’t miss out on this special promotion to improve your health.

At Akesis Life, we prioritize integrative medicine and lifestyle modifications to reduce and prevent chronic diseases. Our center offers a range of services to support detoxification and eliminate accumulated toxins from the body. By addressing the impact of toxins in our environment, providing comprehensive health checks, and offering detoxification treatments, we aim to enhance your well-being. Join us for a rejuvenating experience and take advantage of our special promotion. Improve your health and embrace a balanced lifestyle at Akesis Life.

Staycation Retreat Program

Experience a rejuvenating stay at the Lancaster Bangkok Hotel with our exclusive program, designed to revitalize your mind and body.
The package includes:

  • Comprehensive health check-up with Biofeedback scan
  • Relaxing lymphatic detox
  • Soothing sauna to eliminate toxins
  • Liver detox intravenous therapy (IV)
  • Enjoy a healthy meal experience served by our renowned O’ganic Restaurant (x1)

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary promotion!
Price: 13,500 THB (from the regular price of 19,000 THB)

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