Ramadan is coming — the holy month could be difficult for some people as our bodies have to refrain from food and drink during the day time. Long hours of fasting could be challenging. How about getting physically and mentally ready for this upcoming Holy month?

Let’s travel to Bangkok and enjoy your vacation while preparing your body to perfectly observe Ramadan with our All-inclusive Package!

Being at the forefront of top medical service providers, we offer you intensive physical boosters that will bring out the Noor in you so that you can earn the new Noor from the Holy Month with grace and contentment.

Renowned for excellent Customer Services, our amiable and helpful staff are more than ready to deliver top-notch experience of self-care and intensive medical boosters.


Your safety and convenience are our priority. As the COVID-19 still spreads, you will be conveniently commuting with a sanitised private car that will be picking you up right at the hotel.


Blood test – just like regular checkup, check how well your organs are working.

Multi vitamins & Minerals drip – an infusion of multiple vitamins and minerals, including B vitamins, vitamin C, calcium and magnesium. This nutrient cocktail is injected into the body via IV.

Ozone Therapy – The use of medical ozone to combat ageing, improve immune system, increase oxygen to cells, increase cell’s energy output, stimulate antioxidant enzyme systems.

Nutrient drip – High-quality of essential nutrients such as amino acid, essential fats plus healthy preparation methods can keep one’s body strong and healthy. These factors mentioned can also prevent health imbalance and act as a supporter during fasting.

Neuro Linguistic Program – An electromagnetic wave therapy that uses waves and magnets to restore emotional, mental, and physical health by utilizing a computer software to regulate and alter the waves in the mind.

Sounds interesting? Check out the link below for more details concerning the package. Let’s don’t waste any further seconds and allow us to Nourish your body, nourish your soul!