Cervical cancer is one of the few cancers that nearly 100% preventable! The effective prevention measure is right here, our risk would be low if we follow this;

Get HPV vaccine:

It is such great news that we have HPV vaccine exist on earth, though, the ideal time to get a vaccine is before the sexually active age. Children can start vaccinating at age 11-12.
Women can get the vaccine until 26 and 21 years for men. However, it can vary individually depends on the situation.

Routine Pap test:

The Pap test can find abnormal cells in the cervix before the cells develop to be cancer. Do the test regularly for women age from 21 every 3-5 years and every 3 years for those age over 30 until age 65.

For sexually active people, you should seek advice from the doctor how often you take the test. People who have multiple sex partners have high-risk exposure, so someone might need to do the test more often than others who have a few partners.

Routine HPV Test:

Do HPV test every 5 years for women over 30. You can do it in combination with the pap test or do it alone. The HPV test is more effective than pap in detecting cervical cancer.

Do not take birth control pills in an extended time:

It multiplies your risk of having cervical cancer.

Lifestyle change:

This is the best prevention measures for people age too old for the vaccine. They include no smoke, exercise regularly, eat more fibre diets like fruits and vegetables and keep proper body weight.