After two months of treatments prolonging because of the pandemic, Thailand is now carefully reopening bit by bit. Like other services, medical services are ready to provide cares for patients. It’s time for us to prepare ourselves for the next chapter. Let’s defeat cancer!
First of all, you should discuss with your oncologist in details for the next treatment plan. The treatment plans can be either continuing with the existing one or changing in line with the patient’s conditions at the time. The potential side effects, the treatments duration and the ultimate goal of treatments are the essential questions to make sure you understand what will happen next to yourself. You have to make sure you are on board with your doctor’s recommending or get the second opinion if you feel the need. 
A physical check-up is essential and keeps monitoring before entering into the treatments procedures. Then we need to practice healthy habits, especially food and exercise, to ensure physically and mentally are ready for the effects of treatments. Also, some patients may require immunotherapy or particular therapies to support your immune system and get a better response to cancer treatments. Make sometimes to discuss with a nutritionist or the medical doctor who is keen on nutrition for improving your dietary plan and get adequate nutrients you may need more to buffer the effects. 
Make sure you prepare the medical help you could reach if need, including the rehabilitation specialists and physical therapist and mental health specialist. 
Akesis Life Oncology medical doctor suggests the patients meet lifestyle coach, emotional support programs and personalized nutritional supplemental therapy for balance hormones, detoxification and support immune system.