While the entire world is worrying about the latest epidemic as if they might get virus-infected, but do you know, the cancer is a far more terrifying health threat than COVID-19. 

Let’s get to know cancer and learn the best possible ways to reduce our chance to have it.

Cancer or malignancy is a collection of 100 different diseases that begin at the abnormal growth of cells inside ourselves. The cancer cells can develop wherever in the human body either on the skin or any organs.

We may question how come our cells can grow abnormally. It is because cells in our body divide and replace themselves in a controlled pattern, but somehow cells can be altered and multiplied out of the usual pattern.

So, what is the cause of cells abnormal growth and become cancer cells?

The defective function of cellular metabolism from the ingestion of toxins like pollution, chemicals, alcohol, cigarettes and stress is the leading cause. They generate the free radicals which disturb the function of cells, defecting healthy cells and drawing nutrients from body tissues to develop more bad cells.

Usually, our body has natural defence mechanisms or what we call the immune system, especially white blood cells, to detect and eliminate invaders like virus also cancer cells. So, if our body is weak with a compromised immune system. We know what happens next to our body.

Hence, the point is we need to keep our body immune system staying healthy, which is not only to prevent the cancer, also any kind of pathogens, including COVID-19.