The current spreads of novel Coronavirus are not only a cause of physically sick but also mentally. As it keeps spreading, more anxious people are, even though people already know that the death rate of coronavirus is far lower than those of SARs and MERs outbreak.

It is usual for everyone to feel anxiety in this outbreak crisis, but the fear is more likely to add too much stress for people who have a compromised immune system like cancer. So, in the wake of an infectious disease outbreak, knowing how to cope with stress is more crucial than usual. Here are tips Akesis Life shares for you.

Don’t Inflate the Risk:

Human brains are likely to inflate the risk of it actually happening to us and scarier than it is, making us fearing of dying, although the chances of dying in an accident are much higher. So, we have to keep our mind concentrating on the truth, helping us staying composed.

Avoid news consumption:

The news outlets and people on social media surely keep you update the news about the outbreak from everywhere. Too much repetitive news related to the outbreak keeps reminding to the risks of it and impacting us emotionally further. We can stay informed by seeking accurate information from non-sensational sources such as medical reports or scientist sources

Live a healthy lifestyle:

We should keep a healthy lifestyle regularly to ensure our immune system ready to fight any viruses.

Manage our stress and emotion:

We can manage our state of mind by practising meditation, yoga and spend times with enjoyable activities such as reading, good music. Ensure your time spending with positive things in your lives.