Detoxification or Detox in short is not only useful in terms of cancer prevention. In addition, Detox is also helpful to cancer patients who underwent chemotherapy and radiation. Many sufferers still have a lot of toxins (chemotherapy and radiation release inflammatory substances) in the body that needs to be removed and Detox is the answer.

Chemotherapy puts the body in a weakened state. Sufferers may have the following symptoms:

• joint pains

• muscle pains

• headaches

• fatigue

• bloating

• mood swings and more

All the above are telltale signs that toxins are still in the body and the risk of complications that they might bring about. Therefore, Detox is the Key to the road to recovery.

Detoxification can help enhance and stimulate the body’s natural toxin removal function. It is a formidable weapon that enhances the effectiveness of Cancer treatment and at the same time has the capability of reducing any secondary risk.