For Cancer Patients, colon cleansing with coffee enema will help bring about the following benefits:

• build immunity

• balance the repair of the liver and tissues

• help the body get rid of toxins better

• reduce the accumulation of toxins in the liver

• get rid of toxins that come from the intestines after chemotherapy and radiation therapy

 Apart from caffeine, other substances found in coffee such as Kahweol palmitate and Cafestol palmitate can bring about many health benefits. They assist with the removal of toxins from the liver and dilate the blood vessels by stimulating the liver to excrete bile. The bile circulation is very important for the detoxification system. This is where the liver filters the blood and eliminate toxins. The residual toxins in the body are then excreted as waste.

Colon cleansing for detoxification is a medical procedure. The consulting physician will provide a comprehensive advice about the procedure and the frequency required by the patient. This is done in accordance to the individual patient’s health condition.