Talking about cancer, people who are diagnosed with cancer would be definitely struck with fear and anxiety. The mind controls the body, though. Once people allow the fear and anxiety hit your thoughts, it not only worsening the mental health, it can even weaken the body and support the growth of the malignant.

Through integrative oncology, we at Akesis Life helps patients overcome the doom feeling by an in-depth awareness. The acknowledgement will lead patients to self-empowerment. We want people to realise the disease is manageable, and health is obtainable. Unlike conventional medicine, which focuses mainly on tumour elimination, our integrative treatment plan has put the best effort to limit the chance of cancer recurrent.

To narrow chance of cancer recurrent, Six Foundations of Akesis Cancer Therapy is created for our patients, with reflecting the integrative oncology philosophy, where the harmony of mind and body is the baseline of treatment achievement.

They included: Detoxification, Immunotherapy, Non-toxic Targeted Therapy, Nourishment, Lifestyle, Emotional and Spiritual Healing.

The right healing path is possible, what those affected needed is the best effort to find the right treatments to beat the disease.