Most people of colour have seen skin cancer less common than those other types like prostate or breast cancers, but it does not mean the nonwhite racial people is absolutely safe. Even worse, when it occurs, they find it mostly in the later stage, leading to far lower survival rate.  

To raise public awareness about skin cancer, Akesis Life shares everyone the truth about skin cancer.

> About 50% of basal cell carcinomas, which is the most common type of skin cancer, are in brown spot for the darker-skinned patients. But most of the educational materials focus on fair skin which it appears as a pink and pearly growth. Thus, when it comes to the brown spots with a slightly translucent lesion in people of colour, it is often missed.

> The sunscreen often uses in daily life mainly among the light skin, while the nonwhite mostly feels it unnecessary to use every day. Since they are more frequent exposure to the UV radiation, they put themselves to the risks.

> The skin cancer can occur in the areas of nonexposed to the sun such as the soles of feet, palms, toe and fingernail even the genital areas. These areas are unexpected for people to see skin cancer occurs.

Thus, the full-body examination is highly recommended to everyone once a year. If there are new spots or changing growth or mole and a sore that doesn’t heal, don’t overlook, it can be cancerous even in people of colour. 


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