Free radicals are substances that arise from the metabolism in the body. Sources of free radicals are as follows:

• Chemicals from the food consume

• Exhaust fumes

• Cigarette smoke

• Toxic dust

• Pollution from various industrial plants and more

It destroys and deteriorates the good cells in the body and may cause various health risks like cancer. Antioxidants is the key to preventing these risks.

Antioxidant is an important compound that helps promote the body’s immune system to function more efficiently. It reduces inflammation and the risk of illnesses plus inhibits the growth of cancer cells. Sources of Antioxidants are all around us. Some examples of important sources of Antioxidant as follows:

• Green leafy vegetables such as bok choy, morning glory, kale, spinach

• Colored fruits such as carrots, pumpkin, papaya, beetroot, apples

For some people, the lifestyle they lead (stress, lack of exercise, little rest, regular use of alcohol and smoking) adds to the health risk even though they eat the foods mentioned above.

Fret Not! At Akesis Life, we have various immune boosting methods such as Vitamin Therapies that are full of Antioxidants to help the body battle free radicals and prevent cancer.