When people find out that they need treatment for cancer, the conventional cancer doctor would treat them with the traditional treatments or may also be called standard therapy, traditional medicine or Western medicine.

However, the fact is there are many types of cancer treatments that include alternative medicine and integrative therapies. These three approaches have many points of differences.

Mainstream treatment:

This kind of treatment includes surgery, chemo, radiation, immunotherapy, hormonotherapy and targeted therapies. Most patients have experienced harsh side-effect, especially from the chemo and radiation therapies.

Alternative treatment:

Some may know it as eastern medicine use as a replacement of mainstream ones, which widely used among patients who refuse to undergo the procedures of conventional ones. Some examples of alternative method which have been practised for centuries are acupuncture, Ayurveda, Chinese medicine and homoeopathy.

Integrative therapy:

It is a term often used to describe the combined use of proven mainstream treatments and specific complementary methods that could limit the risk of significant side effects.

The leading integrative clinics like Akesis Life Integrative Oncology Treatment Center has selected only the scientific-based evidence treatments that evidently show they can help reduce symptoms, improve physical and psychological health.

With the combined of specific therapies customized for each patient, Akesis can treat each patient at the root cause resulted in not only cancer cured but also the better health of patients in the long run.