When a patient has successfully been treated for cancer, it doesn’t mean that the body isn’t at risk of getting cancer once again.

After every cancer treatment, the doctor in-charge will need to conduct periodic follow-up examinations. This is done through various methods, such as Tumor Marker examination and physical scans. This is to monitor the patient’s symptoms and prevent any possibility of recurrence.

However, even when a patient has successfully been treated for cancer (no detection of cancer cells), it doesn’t mean that the body isn’t at risk of getting cancer once again.

Studies have found that there are many cases where recovered patients experience cancer recurrence. This is because there are still cancer cells in the body. Even if it’s just one cancer cell, there is still risk of developing cancer. Keep in mind that cancer starts with a single abnormal cell.

Cancer cells also has the ability conceal themselves. Without proper treatment, there is a chance that the cells will mutate and grow into cancer again. At times, during the course of treatment, patients tend to have weak immunity. Therefore, the body is not strong enough to fight the cancer cells and hence recurrence can take place.

However, with modern medical advancement, innovative diagnostic capability have emerged. This can help prevent cancer recurrence. We at Akesis Life strongly believe that early diagnosis and proper treatment can make a difference. We have innovative diagnostic techniques to detect, treatment and stop cancer.

Our Circulating Tumor Cell screening test which is highly sensitive and precise, can detect abnormalities even if the abnormal cells are small. This makes it possible to assess a patient’s risk of developing the disease and also the probability of recurrence. At Akesis Life, we believe that cancer treatment is not just about destroying cancer but also improving the patient’s quality of life.

Apart from the above, we believe that our highly specialized diagnostics can be beneficial for people who had experienced cancer. In addition, it can create a sense of awareness for health conscious individuals with regards to the seriousness of the disease.