What we have been led to believe is that cancer strikes at random. It sneaks up out of the blue and takes down the most unlikely candidates. These are the myths that strike fear into the general public. Because it’s impossible to fight something that has no rhyme or reason, right?

The myths are frightening; even terrifying. But they are also just that, myths. There are actions we can take as individuals to decrease the chances of becoming cancer’s next victim.



1. Eating organic fruits and vegetables in their raw form only

2. Drinking vegetable juice (utilizing dark leafy greens for the base with lemon & green apple for flavor)

3. Drinking natural spring water or filtered water

4. Getting regular colon cleansing

5. Doing yoga often

6. Exercising vigorously and regularly

7. Spending time in the sun when it is more safe (in the early am or late afternoon), in order to get much needed Vitamin D

8. Breathing in fresh air

9. Engaging in nurturing, loving relationships

10. Meditating regularly and taking the time to relax

11. Getting to bed early and getting enough rest

12. Treating yourself to a massage



1. Taking drugs of any kind

2. Drinking alcohol or smoking

3. Eating non-organic food – this is one area where you get what you pay for!

4. Eating cooked food (no meat & no microwaves)

5. Drinking from plastic bottles or from the tap

6. Using products that are made with manmade chemicals

7. Living in the midst of a bad relationship – the effects on your mental/physical well being can be toxic

8. Exposing yourself to negative emotions

9. Stressing out

10. Exposure to electromagnetic radiation or ionizing radiation (i.e. cell phone, wireless internet, mammograms, x-rays, etc.)

11. Exposing yourself to amalgam fillings or root canals

12. Living in the big city (POLLUTION…this is an obvious negative)

As scary as cancer is, sometimes changing our day to day lifestyle can seem even more daunting. Just remember there are a lot of others out there attempting to create a healthier lifestyle right along with you. The good news is that means that you’ll be able to find the resources you need more easily than you might think. Successfully adjusting your lifestyle will significantly decrease your chances of getting cancer.

Staying cancer free is worth a bit of change, don’t you think?