The cause of pancreatic cancer is defined as unknown, most of the cases came out of the blue, with unnoticeable symptoms and signs until it is in the late stage. But there are risk factors that might be more likely developing pancreatic cancer that you should be aware of for managing your personal risk.

So, what are those risk factors of pancreatic cancer?

⏩ Age is associated with the risk of developing pancreatic cancer. Of course, it is the unpreventable factor, but you can learn to detect early signs and symptoms.

⏩ Genetics is also an inevitable factor. Some families have seen this kind of disease running among first degree relatives like father, mother, sister and brother.

⏩Smoking is a bad habit. Cigarette increases the risks of many diseases, including pancreatic cancer.

⏩Diabetics have a high risk of developing pancreatic cancer.

⏩Obesity is also associated with the risk of pancreatic cancer.