Over the festive season, it is sensible to overindulge ourselves with the festive treats in a short period.

After the festive break, it is time to detox those toxins that come with those treats, especially alcohol and sugar. So, what we are talking about here is the approach to help everyone to cleanse the liver, which is the body’s main filtration system.

The healthy liver can efficiently clean itself once it is exposed with dietary and toxins, however, for the unhealthy person, the liver may not be able to clean itself, causing the inefficient functioning resulting in physicality illness.

Let’s start with the ways to support the liver to resume function naturally.

1. Feed ourselves with a healthy diet. During the detoxification period, the menu should be in organic ones include green salad, fresh fruits and vegetables. Organic leafy greens and fruits also whole grains, nuts and seeds are full of essential vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll to feed the liver to re-energise itself.

2. Treat our liver with the right fats. There are many types of fat in which some can harm our body as it causes the artery-clogging inflammation while some are good fats that can cause otherwise. The seeds and nuts are rich of good fats like almond, macadamia, chia and flax seeds, walnuts as well as sunflower seeds.

3. Start doing intermittent fasting or aka IF. The IF is the approach that has been popular among people who want to lose weight. But in fact, IF can benefits everyone. To give our body sometimes during the day to take a break from eating and digesting can empower our organs to repair itself.

4. Drink the right liquid. Water is the magic remedy, cheap and very easy to find. In general, we need to consume at least 2,000 ml for women and 3,000 ml for men, but during the detoxification period, we need to have more daily water intake. Fresh fruit juice contains rich of vitamin C, and essential minerals are also the right liquid for detoxing our liver like lemon juice or leafy green juice.

5. Work out. Apart from feeding our body with healthy diets, we also get rid of toxin by sweating out. Sweating can effectively take toxins out of our body through our skin. Not only exercise, but we can also make it through steaming or sauna.

6. Strictly avoid the toxins exposure during the detoxification period. We should avoid the processed foods, red meats, alcohol beverages and sugary meal and desserts as well as the unnecessary medicines and supplements as they contribute to the reduced function of the liver.