EPIGALLOCATECHIN GALLATE (EGCG), is a concentrated green tea extract. It is a natural form of natural antioxidant that is 25-100 times more powerful than vitamin C and vitamin E. Research studies on the properties of green tea found that EGCG has the following benefits:

• Reduce inflammation

• Protect normal cells from destruction

• Destroy the cancer cells

• Help stop the growth of cancer cells

EGCG has a positive clinical outcome for the treatment of the following types of cancers:

• Bladder cancer

• Breast cancer

• Ovarian cancer

• Large distal cancer or rectum

• Esophageal cancer

• Lung cancer

• Pancreatic cancer

• Sperm gland cancer

• Skin cancer

• Stomach cancer

It is an effective weapon against the body’s Oxidation process which is a key contributor to the development of cancer.

EGCG brings about many health benefits. In combination with various Integrative Medicine treatment pathways, EGCG can play a vital role in the rehabilitation, health management and quality of life of cancer patients.