Cervical cancer is one of the most treatable forms of cancer, especially in its early stages. These days, the strong push for women to being to do regular pap-smear tests means that early detection is a real possibility and the rate of cervical cancer worldwide has seen a sharp decline. For any woman who finds themselves diagnosed with this condition, the mistake that is most often made, is following the conventional course of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy – which varies in degree depending on how far advanced the cancer tissues are determined to be. Even if the patient chose to undergo conventional treatments to “remove” the cancer from their bodies, the stem cells would remain, and so too would the underlying causes that lead to the formation of cancerous cells and tissues in the first place. If we were able to adapt our mindsets, realising that the condition is metabolic in nature – we would quickly realise that these forms of treatment are not the answer and start looking for alternative treatments. Cancer is systemic by nature, even if it only shows up in the “weakest link” of our body, it will quickly spread if left untreated. In order to stop this from occurring, we must first cleanse and detoxify our systems, removing the scourge that lead to inflammation and a state of dis-ease. We do this via cleansing with green juices and water – switching off digestion and allowing the body a chance to heal. Combined with powerful physical therapies – such as colon hydrotherapy, lymphatic drainage, EWOT, hyperthermia and meditation and yoga, our bodies are suddenly allowed the opportunity to reset through each of our systems of elimination – the colon, lungs, liver, kidneys, lymph, skin and importantly, the mind. Simultaneously, we learn how to starve the cancer cells – taking away their most efficient fuel source – sugar. By switching to a plant-based diet that is nutrient dense, with a focus on good fats maintaining a ratio of double omega 3’s to 6’s and 9’s, moderate protein and minimal carbohydrates. We flood the body with adequate alkalising minerals and fluids, and allow it the chance to begin the process of healing on a profound level. The use of metabolic treatments is one of the least invasive of ways of killing cancer cells, whilst maintaining the integrity of our healthy cells and tissues. Treatments like high dose vitamin c, B17, venofer, artusenate and curcumin are nature’s artillery against cancer cells – potently delivered in the form of IV therapy, we are able to build up the levels required in the tissues in order to markedly target cancer cells, enzymatically challenging them in a fatal manner. We activate and enhance the immune system with cutting-edge immune therapies, sourced from the most highly regarded labs in the world. These therapies activate enhanced functioning of the patients own lymphocytes, macrophages and NK cells, in order to encourage the body to heal itself, rather than administering a medicine to “kill” rogue cells – which usually causes them to come back, often in trickier locations than they originated. Sometimes, medical intervention is required in the short-term to quickly exert control over the growth of cancer. In these cases we use IPT, a low dose, targeted form of chemotherapy which averts the usual side effects of the high dose, systemic variety. By administering a small amount of insulin when the patient is in a fasted state, we are able to biologically take advantage of cancer cells and create a “therapeutic moment” – when the insulin has bound to the cancer cells much more quickly than healthy cells, they become permeable whilst the healthy cells remain impermeable. Stimulating delta-9 desaturase, the cancer cells effectively open up so that when we administer very small doses of chemotherapy, it becomes directly absorbed into those cells – leaving the healthy cells relatively untouched. Unlike high-dose chemotherapy, there are few side effects – our patients don’t lose their hair, have endless bouts of vomiting and diarrhea nor do they get long term side effects. We only use this therapy when absolutely necessary, and usually only for a short period until the cancer cells are deemed under control. The bridge between all of these treatments is knowledge and education – because these are the only things that will allow you to live a life which can prevent cancer from returning. It is often said that getting rid of cancer is the easy part – keeping it at bay is where it becomes difficult. Our program is an active experiential learning process, where our patients become experts in metabolic disease prevention. They learn about the wonder of the human body, and its fervent quest for homeostasis. Once we realise that the body is always seeking to protect us, striving for healing – we are able to see how we can assist it to be able to efficiently defend us, rather than being permanently stuck on maintenance mode. Learning the fundamentals of healthy nutrition, and the vital ingredients for promoting cellular integrity and producing ATP – our life force. The importance of quietening our inner voices so that we are able to listen to our innate wisdom – through meditation and yoga, and other workshops encouraging creativity and exploring long neglected parts of our psyche all lead to healing on a spiritual level. All in all, the alternate healing journey for a cervical cancer patient need not be an invasive, toxic and painful experience. It could be a life affirming voyage into healing – not just the physical manifestation of the disease, but a deeply holistic and spiritual awakening. Rather than becoming sick with treatments that not only kill cancer cells, but destroy the immune system – thereby creating the perfect environment for cancer to emerge again, why not embark on a journey that allows you to start feeling well as your body heals.