With cancer of all kinds running unrestraint, the survival chance of patients, who undergo treatments that only aiming to remove the malignant tumours, becomes increasingly limited. It brings up a question of what if it’s better if a cancer doctor treats the whole person instead of focusing only on the tumours.

Thus, the integrative oncology, which makes use of all best possible treatments, both conventional, complementary and alternative medicines to treat the cancer patients, can help increase the survivals among cancer patients.

The most appropriate therapies are carefully selected and put into the customized treatment plan for each patient by an integrative oncologist.

With the combining of the philosophy of integrative medicine with cancer treatment, such treatment plan not only aims to defeat cancer, but it also enhances the well-being of the patient.

The integrative oncologist takes the approach that takes cancer as an apple and the patient’s body as the soil in which an apple grows.

Thus, to prevent the growth of an apple, the patient’s body has to be treated to be healthy either body, mind and emotion as well as lifestyle. The healthy body and mind are the dry soil for the apple, making it unable to grow.