Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy

Your colon and your health

Colon is a long, muscular tube. It’s a key part of your digestive system.

After the food we eat is digested in stomach and small intestine and nutrients are already absorbed to bloodstream. The waste products are formed to be stool.

Your colon then moves the stool along its walls to be expelled. This process rids the body of food waste and toxins

Gut Microbiome

Humans have more bacterial cells—a lot more—than human cells.

Bacteria live on the skin, in the nose and ears, and, most of all, in the gut.

Your colon contains multi-strain of bacterial composition, known as gut microbiota

Colonic microbiota plays an important role in several areas of human physiology

Many hundreds of different types of bacteria, varying widely in physiology and biochemistry, exist in a multitude of different microhabitats in the lumen of the large gut, the mucin layer and on mucosal surfaces.

Recent research on the microbiome (gut microbes) has acknowledged about the relationship between gut microbes, our immune system and our brain.

There are complicated interactions between the different types of organisms and our immune system.

According to the fact that up to 70% of our immune system resides in the wall of the colon. Gut associated lymphoid tissue is the largest source of mature lymphocytes.   Gut mucosa is the major site of lymphocytes contact with antigens

Autointoxication is self-poisoning

It occurred when toxic waste sitting in the colon is reabsorbed back into the bloodstream and in to the tissues and organs of the body.

A built up of old, putrefied fecal waste can also block proper digestion, nutrient absorption, waste elimination and provides an excellent breeding ground for bacteria and parasites

Bacteria and, in some cases, the toxins they produce can be picked up from the gut by our lymphatic system and transported to the brain (or anywhere else in the body) contributing to various inflammatory responses in remote sites

People with poor diets, consume too much red meats and low fiber intake from vegetables, often have compromised digestive system.

They have slow transit time of bowel movements, constipation, Irritable Bowel syndrome, diarrhea, excessive gas or the use of laxatives which cause the nerves in the colon become desensitized.

These cause slower removal of body wastes. The reabsorbed toxins load the liver task of detoxifying.


Colon Hydrotherapy is a complimentary cleansing process involved the gentle infusion of gravity fed, purified, temperature controlled water into the colon through a disposable tube (thinner than a pencil) into the rectum.

The gentle flow of water helps loosen and soften impacted fecal matter and waste that has built up on the walls of the colon, which then stimulates natural peristalsis (muscular contraction) and the release of stored waste from the colon.

Colonic hydrotherapy will eliminate and flush out these bad toxins, bacteria, fungi and parasites.

Before having colonic irrigation, the therapist will ask you about your medical history to check if you have any health problems that might make the treatment inadvisable. During the procedure, you lie on your side while warm water is passed into your bowel through a tube inserted into your rectum. The water circulates through your colon, and waste products are passed out of your body through the tube. It usually takes around 30-45 minutes.

The therapists will use a variety of water pressures and temperatures and combine with the use of probiotic, the supplements containing beneficial bacteria, to give colonization of healthy bacteria.

 Effects of colonic hydrotherapy on gut bacteria

Colonic hydrotherapy targets bowel function as well as bowel flora thus enabling reciprocal interactions between the mind, the gut and the microbes that populate to be harmonized.

Supporting healthy gut flora to get the best benefits after colonic hydrotherapy by

  • Avoid alcohol, chlorine, herbicides, pesticides and some medications (antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, anti-depressants, antacids which can have harmful effects on gut flora)
  • Eat fiber rich foods such as vegetables, flax seeds, chia seeds
  • Eat berries and foods that are rich in polyphenols, which have an antimicrobial and anti-oxidative effect.

The combination of blueberries and probiotics has been shown to reduced inflammation-inducing bacteria while increasing health-promoting lactobacillus in the intestine

  • Encourage a diverse gut flora by eating fermented vegetables (such as sauerkraut, Kimji, Nutto, etc.) fermented soya (such as Tempeh) and by taking a quality probiotic supplement.

Health benefits of colonic hydrotherapy include:

  • improved muscle tone of the colon
  • reduced toxic waste and absorption
  • increased digestive function
  • hydration
  • purging of the liver
  • increases elimination of parasites, bad bacteria and fungi
  • clears the lymphatic system
  • increases immunity
  • clearer skin and eyes
  • clarity of mind
  • increased vitality
  • Reducing the risk of colon cancer
  • Losing weight

Through many of the common chemical-based cancer treatments such as, Chemotherapy, the body is constantly being flooded with toxins.

These carcinogens are flushed out during the colon hydrotherapy creating a boost in immune function.

Colonic hydrotherapy is a detoxifying program that helps promoting body healing along with other treatments.

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