Our cells in our body (about 30-40 trillion cells) are supplied by our blood.

As the blood gives oxygen, nutrients and hormones to the cells and removes waste products from the cells.

It is the circulatory or cardiovascular system that act as transport service for the cells.

Heart (ventricles) pumps blood through blood vessels which are aorta and arteries then through arterioles.

The arterioles branch into network of very small blood vessels –capillaries or micro-vessels in the organ. [1]

The blood gives oxygen, nutrients and hormones to the cells and removes carbon dioxide and waste products from the cells and go back to the heart (atrium) via the veins. [2] This system perform life-sustaining task and provide the body with energy.

Almost 74% of all blood vessels are in our body are micro-vessels. 

Micro-vessels are the smallest blood vessels that are 7 micron (0.0003 inch) in diameter – the same as red blood cells which need to deform to pass through.

Too much stress, inadequate and bad quality of sleep, unbalanced diets, unhealthy living habits, lack of exercise, aging and diseases slow down the pumping action of micro-vessels. As a result, blood cells move too slowly and result in limitation of tissues and organ perfusion.

For long term this can lead to a decline in physical and mental performance, pain disorder and increase susceptibility to diseases.

Prof. Dr. med. Rainer-Christian Kloop , MD., a Germany doctor who founded and directed the Institute for Microcirculation at the Charite’s since 1991 .

He researched on microcirculation in the fields of biophysics, cardiology, angiology, oncology, internal medicine and dermatology.[3]

His researches developed to BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy. [4]

BEMER devices consists of a mat with six copper coils that run through it and a control unit. BEMER give low frequency, pulsed electromagnetic signal to your body.

Benefits of BEMER are

  • Improving vascular functioning, especially microcirculation, by stimulation the pumping movement of smallest blood vessel.
  • Dilatation of blood vessels
  • Increasing oxygenation and nutrient supply to the cells and tissues and removal waste products and toxin out of the cells
  • Improving flow properties of blood helps in reducing risk of thrombosis
  • Indirectly improving the immune system
  • Restoring cell membrane potential to normal level


It has been researched and demonstrated that BEMER does not initiate or promote cancers.[5]

BEMER is effective and safe to use concurrently with all other cancer treatments.

BEMER helps enhancing the body’s ability to overcome side effects of chemo and radiation treatments [6]

It is important to do BEMER before and after receiving intravenous fluids or injections to enhance absorption of the treatment fluids and help body healing


Cancer cells thrive in acidic body where availability of oxygen and nutrients is inadequate for healthy cellular metabolism.

BEMER enhances circulatory system, dilating capillaries and increasing blood flow, creating a more difficult environment for cancer cells.

By increasing electromagnetic to all cells, BEMER stimulates every cell to function at optimal level and to correct abnormalities in metabolism and energy. [7]

BEMER promotes body’s mechanism of healing, recovery and regeneration processes.


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