lifestyle modification

We all know, lifestyle is one of the main causative factors of cancer. Many health professionals maintain that healthy living means making positive behaviour changes as part of an ongoing, life-long process. To choose areas for improvement, we have selected 6 principal life-changing pointers:

Eat well

A healthy diet can help manage cancer side effects, quicker recovery, and improve health. May also lower one’s future risk of cancer.

Manage stress

Stress reduction can help you maintain your physical and mental health.

Getting enough sleep

Try to get an average of 7 to 8 hours a night. This improves your health, coping ability, moods, weight management, attention, memory and more.

Exercise regularly

Exercise during and after cancer treatment. It helps reduce fatigue, weight gain, and loss of strength. In addition to regular exercise, avoid sitting or lying down for long periods.

Accept practical and emotional support

Having a strong network of supportive people brings health benefits. Studies have shown that patients with the most social support had a better quality of life and lived longer.

Avoid environmental toxins

Limit exposure to environmental toxins that can increase one’s risk of cancer and other illnesses, such as tobacco smoke, asbestos, styrene (found in Styrofoam), just to name some.

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