Our nutrition program operates on the principles of nature. We serve a plant-based, raw vegan diet – which is cleansing, nourishing and full of life.

Most of our patients embark on a cleansing period when they first arrive at our center. This can be through juice or water fasting, and the period of digestive maintenance allows true detoxification to occur. Only when the body can clear of the toxic debris that cause our cells to malfunction, may true healing begin.

When it comes to green juicing, we do not refer to it as a juice “fast” but rather a “feast” – as our body will be flooded with all of the potent antioxidants and nutrients it needs, in the form of bioavailable liquid goodness. By switching off the digestive system at the same time, your body is able to stimulate the production of stem cells to regenerate the immune system, repair damaged organs and tissues, eliminate toxic deposits and resets internal processes.

When we start you on a healthy eating program, we use only organic produce – which is either grown in our own farms, or sourced from trusted suppliers. Our aim is to provide you with the nutrition required to build up your immune system and starve the cancer cells. We do this by ensuring that all of your meals are low carbohydrate, plant-based and raw!

During your stay with us, we also have food preparation workshops. These are essential, so that you are equipped with the knowledge and skills to continue this lifestyle and diet at home.

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