Just as sleep is one of the most important aspects of healing, learning how to quieten the mind, and bring about a state of relaxation and mindlessness is an incredibly restorative practice whilst in the clinic (and beyond). By altering our responses to stress, we allow our bodies to balance the production of cortisol by switching off inflammation-promoting chemicals or cytokines.

Meditation’s ability to alter the mind promotes a more positive outlook and decreased levels of depression during treatment. Those who meditate show higher electro-frequency in the areas of the brain responsible for optimism and positive thinking.

All of our patients are taught how to work with the breath, remembering that the breath and mind work in tandem – listening simply to the rhythm of life. By altering our brainwaves to surf between alpha and theta states, we produce serotonin and tyrosine, and encourage healing on a sub-conscious level.

Adopting this new mindset, and learning to explore the world with a sense of gratitude is one of the key aspects that our patients remember when they leave – nearly everyone is deeply thankful for the opportunity to heal, but also grow, into the very best versions of themselves.

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