There isn’t really any medicine that you could take that could possibly provide all of the benefits that exercise does. Movement is fundamental to life – when we do not move, our bodily function slowly begins to deteriorate. Essential to healing, movement is also one of the most valuable ways to lift spirits and maintain the motivation and joy in life.

Amongst its myriad of benefits, specific to your treatment – exercise helps to minimize inflammation – the underlying pathology of nearly all disease. By reducing C-reactive protein (CRP), regulating hormones and blood sugar levels, supports immunity through increased circulation and respiration and increasing lymphocyte production. Almost as importantly – the mental impact, especially after a long day in the clinic, is invaluable.

Think about a river – constantly moving it is a source of life that we can drink from. A pond on the other hand, a stagnant unmoving body of water – is a cesspool of bacteria, parasites and germs. Our bodies are no different, when we don’t move – the negative impact on our extra-cellular fluids makes it almost impossible to heal.

At Akesis Life, we offer yoga and breathing classes 4-5 times a week, and in the mornings – we encourage everyone to get move. It doesn’t have to be fast, or furious – but it does need to happen every day to give you the best chance of healing.

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