Prevention of Cancer Recurrence

Cancer recurrence is common. Due to certain factors, even though the initial cancer treatment seems successful, the cancer can still return. The recurrence can affect the same organ or may also metastasize to other organs. This happens due to lack of patient education and poor understanding of the disease. However, let us look further into this below.

Due to the nature of cancer, it can spread to nearby organs even after a surgery or any other form of conventional cancer treatment.  This happens due to the fact that cancer causing factors such as accumulation of toxins, exposure to chemicals, stress combined with poor lifestyle have not been properly addressed. These factors cause the body to produce free radicals and restimulate or trigger the recurrence of the cancer. Therefore, it is extremely important for sufferers not to be complacent and make changes in order to prevent any form of recurrence.

In addition to the conventional form of treatments, one must focus on solving the issue at the root cause through the multi-prong approach of the Integrative Treatment Pathway. Therapies like detoxification, change in lifestyle and enhancing immunity to increase the strength of the body is the key to a winning battle. Old habits such as poor diet, stress and sedentary lifestyle will only promote toxins, free radicals and will not be good to a body this is still recovering. Even though clinically the cancer is gone, the chance of recurrence is very high. Therefore, the best form of cancer treatments does not just get rid of the current cancer but also prevent any form of cancer recurrence.

  • Detox program has the ability to reduce the risk of cancer recurrence. The build-up of toxins in the body is commonly the key cause of recurrence. If the environment in the body is full of toxins, acidification and inflammation, this would in turn promote cell mutation which eventually cause the cancer. Therefore, detoxification can help reduce the risk by ensuring that the environment inside the body is kept healthy.
  • Early detection is another key to winning the cancer battle. Cancer screening programs that detect the risk of recurrence with special DNA technology are also available. These tests are extremely sensitive and have the ability to trace and detect even the smallest form of cancerous cells that runs in the bloodstream. Therefore, this can be a great tool for preventive and preemptive action.
  • Lifestyle modification program are equally as important. Good health must be based on a good diet, regular exercise, getting enough sleep and stress reduction. Preventing cancer recurrence is something that can be done.


Cancer cells cannot be eradicated 100% from the body if these factors below are not under control:

  • low oxygen levels in the blood
  • inflammation from unhealthy foods
  • toxins from lack of exercise, stress and insufficient rest

Therefore, it is not a surprise that many patients relapse after treatment. What makes it worse is the possibility of the cancer spreading to other organs causing poor prognosis.

  • Immunotherapy program helps sufferers build a stronger immune system.  Most importantly, this therapeutic program helps to monitor and destroy cancer cells and prevent recurrence. The bottom-line is, the stronger the immune system, the more effective it is in battling the cancer or any possible forms of recurrence.

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