Artesunate is a compound that is derived from the wormwood plant used in many therapies to detoxify and enhance bowel elimination. This plant has been used in Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine for thousands of years to treat malaria and intestinal parasites.

Research at the University of Washington has shown that artesunate selectively kills cancer cells and leaves normal cells unharmed. Artesunate reacts with iron to form free radicals, which then will kill cells.  

Since cancerous cells require more iron than healthy cells, they are quickly identified and killed; they are much more susceptible to the cytotoxic effects of artesunate than heathy cells in part because of the amount of iron and also because cancerous cells lack the regular antioxidant enzymes that healthy cells have in abundance.

Artesunate is over 100 times more selective in killing cancerous cells than healthy cells and recent research has shown that combining it with iron makes it 34,000 times more deadly to cancerous cells than healthy cells.

Cancerous cells need more iron in order to replicate their DNA because they multiply much more rapidly than healthy cells.  Cancerous cells have small portals on their surface, transferrin protein bound iron receptors, in larger numbers than healthy cells. These receptors allow for rapid transport into the cells.

Once inside the cell, the artesunate reacts with the iron producing highly reactive compounds called free radicals.  The free radicals destroy other molecules as well as the cell membrane, which breaks it open and the cancerous cell dies.


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