How Do I Pay For Treatment?

How Do I Pay For Treatment?

Before starting the treatment program, security deposit will be charged which can be deducted with the last week’s expenses or refunded once the treatment has been completed. The cost of the treatment will be charged weekly. Every Monday will be payment day of the previous week. Payment can be settled by cash, credit card or bank transfer.

For Immunotherapy, it must always be charged and paid before the treatment as it is a high-priced treatment.

Treatment program fee will be exclusive of accommodation, hospital fees (if any), visa extension fees, and food for relatives or dependents

How much does treatment program cost

The cost of treatment will depend on the treatment plan that our medical team has planned for each patient, which will vary due to the physical condition and severity of the individual’s disease. The patient can specify the budget ,so we can plan and help adjust treatment to the most available budget. However, we will need to consider the efficacy and outcome of the treatment as the most important as it can be.

How long does it take for treatment program

The duration of treatment is generally 8-12 weeks for the first phase which we called intensive phase. After that, it will be maintenance phase for once a month or once per 2 months. During the first 8-12 weeks, patients will receive treatment 5-6 days per week and will be about 5-6 hours a day
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