Why Is Lifestyle Change So Important?

Importance Of Lifestyle Change

In order to understand the importance of the diet and lifestyle changes necessary to eliminate cancer, we have to acknowledge that the reason cancer was able to grow and flourish was the biochemical environment which we provided to it.

There are some things which we cannot control in relation to our health but the vast majority of those that we can – the food we eat, the amount of water we drink, the length and quality of our sleep, the way in which we manage stress, the air that we breath – contribute to the biochemical “soup” or extracellular fluid, in which our trillions of cells swim.

If we want these cells to be healthy, and remain this way into old age it is actually very simple. We need to follow the fundamentals of healthy living. When prospective patients ask, “how long will I need to maintain this healthy diet and lifestyle after treatment?”

The answer is how long do you want to remain cancer-free? A parallel could be drawn with a lung cancer patient, asking when he could begin to smoke cigarettes again. Of course, the answer is never!

The truth about cancer treatment is that the answer lies in the mind. What you do when you leave our program will determine your ongoing success at remaining cancer free.

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