What Is The Success Rate?

What Is The Success Rate?

In conventional medicine, ”success” in cancer treatment is defined by the patient remaining in “remission” (no detectable cancer) for a period of 3-5 years. There is no mention of their quality of life, their continued mental and physical suffering following harsh, and unnecessary medical “interventions.”

The statistics for stage 4 cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy are so dismal, that in many cases they would be more likely to live longer if they did not treatment at all. The tragedy of modern treatment is that success is “surviving” not thriving.

Our patients get well, as they stop making cancer. There are ups and downs during treatment, and of course, there are difficult days, but the overwhelming majority slowly, but surely begin to see a return to youthful exuberance.

They do not just become ”cancer-free” they live healthy, active lives with the knowledge and skills to keep cancer gone. The transformations are so profound that often our patients experience gratitude – that cancer gave them the opportunity to live life in a way that they never knew was possible. To us, this is the ultimate success. Around 65% of our late-stage patients reach this definition of success.


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