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Stop Making Cancer

If you do not stop making cancer, it doesn’t matter how good anyone is at getting rid of it…it will just keep coming back.

Unfortunately, eliminating cancer is the goal of all oncologists and their patients. I say ‘unfortunately’ because in only but a few rare situations, within 9 months to 2 years the cancer has returned and it is usually much more aggressive and difficult to eliminate.

The reason for this is that all of the tools to kill or eliminate cancer, such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are only effective with regards to mature cancer cells and have no effect on the cancer stem cells, which are the cells that actually metastasize (spread).


After Chemotherapy

After undergoing several rounds of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, both the doctor and the patient are hoping to find a “clean” PET/CT scan. That is, they are looking to find “no cancer.” Since PET/CT scans are limited in their ability to “see” cancer cells, the best one can say if the PET/CT shows no cancer cells is, “there is no detectable cancer.” But, that does not mean that there really is no cancer but, rather, that if there is cancer, it is too small to be detected by our existing methods.

When cancer can no longer be detected, the patient is said to be in remission. No one ever really bothers to understand what remission actually means. The dictionary defines remission as “reduction, decrease, lessening, diminution, cutback, and retardation.”

What Remission Doesn’t Mean is the Absence of Cancer.

Patients believe that remission means ‘cancer-free’, or that there is no more cancer in their body, they are cured. Doctors do not actually dissuade the patient from that belief because this clean PET/CT was the goal and can therefore be viewed as success, however, they have what is called cautious optimism or a lingering doubt. Why? Because they know that the patient is most likely to have a recurrence … reappearance … return … relapse.

Again, these words are misleading because they imply that the cancer had been eliminated but now has somehow restarted, due to genetics or some other form of “bad luck”. The truth is that the only cancer stem cells remained after the previous several rounds of chemo and radiotherapy because they are impervious to the effects of these powerful, toxic therapies.

In fact, cancer stem cells constitute less than 1% of the cells in a tumor so when more than 99% of the tumor cells have been eliminated of course the scans are “clean”. But the tragic truth is that the ‘seeds’ remain. And all seeds need is a little water and fertilizer to begin growing and duplicating.

Poison Apple Tree Analysis

If you have a poison-apple-tree, one is to pick all of the apples and then burn them. Has the problem been eliminated? Obviously, next season there will be more poison apples.

Why? Because it is a poison-apple-tree, therefore the problem is not the apples, but rather the tree and the soil and the water and the air and whatever else is contributing to the tree being poisoned. And as anyone who has ever trimmed a plant or tree knows, the more you trim, the more it grows.

In fact, it is called pruning. Pruning stimulates growth so where there was one apple, next season after pruning there are three apples and a new small branch. Keep in mind that if you plant a delicious tomato seed in the desert sands, you will not be eating fresh tomatoes any time soon.

Clearly, our focus must be on the ‘soil’, which is the biochemical “soup” in which the trillions of cells that constitute our bodies “swim”. Our bodies must cease to be good ‘hosts’ to cancer….our bodies must not provide the biochemical “water and fertilizer” that supports cancer growth.

Hence, we need to stop making cancer! And, consider this; even if you have a tumor but it does not grow or metastasize, you will live a normal life as long as that tumor is not impacting a vital function like breathing or eating or moving your bowels, etc. The real question that the patient is asking is not, “how can I get rid of this cancer”, but, rather, “How can I stop making cancer?”

Changing the “biochemical soup”, or milieu (environment) is accomplished by incorporating the following:

  • Fasting on water or juice
  • A diet that supports healthy cellular function
  • A diet that starves cancer
  • Colon hydrotherapy
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Exercise
  • Proper sleep
  • Hormone balancing.
  • Meditation
  • Yoga and/or tai chi and exercise
  • Relationship repair and renewal

There are other alternative treatments and therapies for cancer we use at Akesis Life.

Eliminate Cancer Without Bodily Harm

Target and eliminate Cancer with Metabolic Therapies

Metabolic therapies utilize a detailed understanding of the biochemical and physiological properties of cancer to design therapies that challenge cancer cells based upon their limitations and capabilities, whereas the non-cancerous cells do have the necessary enzymes so that these therapies either are actually beneficial or at least do not produce any harm at all. These are NON-TOXIC THERAPIES!

That is, by knowing which enzymes a cancer cell has and does not have, a therapy can be administered that will require the cancer cell to do something that it simply cannot do because it does not have those enzymes and the result is, it dies.  

Conversely, non-cancerous cells (healthy cells) do have those enzymes and can easily manage what is happening. The result of this kind of therapy?  

The cancer cells die AND no damage to healthy cells, tissues and organs.


Below is a partial list of Akesis Life metabolic therapies that have been found to be safe and effective.

  • Insulin Potentiated Therapies (several types)
  • Botanical Therapies (many types and combinations)
  • Oxidative Therapies (ozone, UBI, hydrogen peroxide)
  • Vitamin C
  • B17
  • State-of-the-art laser therapies
  • Hyperthermia (local and systemic)
  • Metabolic therapies developed in Japan

Activate and Enhance The Immune System

Enhancing the immune system is vital as cancer cells are very clever and have a powerful impetus to survive.

The most effective strategy that cancer cells employ in order to survive is to inactivate and block the immune system.

The way that cancer cells accomplish this is by producing and releasing many chemical substances, such as interleukins (IL), cytokines, and other fundamental molecules that block the immune system at very critical points. When this happens specific immune cells that are designed to destroy cancer cells can no longer recognize them or inactivate them. The immune system, in effect, becomes “hypnotized” and “sleepy” and “sluggish” (lazy).

For example, cancer cells release nitric oxide (NO), which inhibits the enzyme xanthine oxidase (XO).  This simple maneuver has many far-reaching effects since XO is a critical factor in the production of peroxynitrite, OH radicals, hydrogen peroxide, etc. These are the chemicals released by the immune system to destroy cancer, viruses, bacteria, funguses and other foreign substances.

NO also stimulates VEGF which in turn increases the antiapoptotic gene bcl-2 (prevents cells from dying naturally) as well as inhibits proapoptoic caspases cascade, which are necessary for cells to die naturally.  NO further inactivates macrophages and activated T cells by inhibiting the enzymes necessary for them to do their job…hence they are inactivated.

There are many other enzymes that are inhibited such as some of the hexokinases, which are important in apoptosis (natural cell death) as well as inactivating certain cells like T cells, etc.

Lactic acid produced by cancer cells changes the immune system from Th1 to Th2, which changes the immune systems focus away from killing cancer cells and they no longer secrete important interleukins and other cytokines, such as IL-2 and IL-12. And, they then release IL-10 which also supports the Th2 rather than the Th1 immune response.

Many other enzymes are released such as alpha-N-acetyl galactosaminidase (“nagalase”), which inactivates macrophages.

Cancer associate fibroblasts (CAFs) and other cells are also modified by the activities of the cancer cells that all conspire to reduce the immune system’s ability to destroy cancer cells. In fact, they change the immune systems focus so that it becomes a “friend” of the cancer cells by helping it move along.

Furthermore, in addition to NO, adenosine is another chemical released by cancer cells.  Adenosine inhibits cytokine production and cytotoxic activity of activated natural killer (NK) cells, rendering NK cells impotent and useless.


There are many, many more activities undertaken by cancer cells that participate in this “mutiny” against the body.


However, cancer cells produce close to 50 different cytokines, interleukins and chemicals that very effectively prevent the immune system from destroying the cancer.


Akesis Life has developed an immune program that reactivates the immune system in a specific sequence.


One cannot just administer any particular immune enhancing substance without knowing if it will enhance the Th1 or Th2 response and the same goes for macrophages, which can be in an M1 or M2 condition.

Therefore, reawakening and enhancing the immune system is complex and requires every step to be performed carefully and in a specific order


In summary:

  • Cancer cells very effectively secrete different classes of chemicals to disable the immune system.
  • The biochemistry involved in immunosuppression by cancer cells is extremely complex.
  • Reactivating the immune system so that it will locate and destroy cancer cells can be achieved.
  • The reactivation process must occur in sequence in order not to activate an aspect of the immune system that would support tumor growth and metastases.

Chatchai Sribundit, M.D.

Dr. Chatchai Sribundit is the distinguished founder of Akesis Life. His education, training and community support is highly regarded worldwide. Dr. Chatchai traveled extensively during the past two decades in order to bring the best possible integrative cancer treatments to Thailand. His primary concern is the well-being of his patients through kindness and care.

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