How about McDonalds or Burger King, is it okay? No. Burger King, yeah, but it’s well established. No, but the point is that most people don’t know that it’s not okay. For example, they think it’s just like, if I were talking to a doctor in America, and I was saying, do you think it’s okay to eat meatloaf and mashed potato, or England, they would say, “of course.” So you see, everybody, the truth is, most people don’t know and they eat this food, right? So anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that when you eat real food, which is nutrient dense, which is the fresh vegetable where it comes from the ground, it’s got so much nourishment in it, that it satisfies you. Now what you have to do, your job, is to learn to enjoy it. The problem we have when people come here, is you’ve had a lifetime of eating another way and now you’re eating this. So, you feel like you’re, what do you feel? Most people feel deprived, you understand, you feel deprived? How’s everything going? Oh, it’s okay. Well I hear that your cancer is going away. Yeah. What’s wrong? Oh, I can’t eat anything in here, there’s no food. You know what people say? Well if I don’t eat this junk, what am I gonna eat? And I have to collect myself. What we do at my clinic in the US is that we take people shopping. We teach you how to shop. We go to the market and in the US, the market, on the sides is all the produce. In the middle is all the packages. So we take people shopping and we never go to the middle, we go around. So shopping means you have two pieces of broccoli and you want to see which one is better. You’re buying a melon and you wanna hear if it’s ripe. This is shopping. I want you to do this, you gotta do this. You go to the store and buy your normal food and look on the back and read what it is. And I promise you, you’re gonna have to pull out your dictionary. You’re gonna have to get dictionary on chemistry because to read the back of the label you have to have a Masters Degree in Chemistry. 72 hours, when you eat a piece of dead animal, to go from here to here. Why? Because in the normal constipated human, it goes slowly. And also we have so much digestive tract, it takes a long time. Now, broccoli and lettuce go quicker because they have cellulose. Well 72 hours inside the body, which is about 36, 37 degrees, that’s pretty hot. If you unplugged your refrigerator for 72 hours and then you open the freezer, you would see little things crawling around in there. That’s why when we die, the worms crawl out of us, not into us. So we don’t have to worry about the worms getting into us, they’re already there. In fact, a lot of countries cremate their dead but in America and other countries, they bury the dead. If you’re gonna bury it, they go to the undertaker and the undertaker embalms them. You put these chemicals inside the body so that it doesn’t decay. It’s really weird, why would you do that? But anyway, it’s called embalming. What the undertakers have noticed is that in the last 40, 50 years, they have to use much less embalming fluid. When we go to the undertaker, we’re already pre-embalmed, because we eat so many poisons and toxins.