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Cancer has always strike fear and anxiety in the minds of many. Through education, knowledge and lifestyle, we at Akesis Life can transform fear into in-depth awareness.

It is essential for cancer sufferers to have an in-depth understand of their own condition. They must know that their psychological, emotional and the level of toxin that causes an imbalance in the body can act as a triggering factor for cancer. Sufferers need to know the problem and bring the balance back to the body so that it can heal.

Hence, we have developed the 6 Foundations of Akesis’s Cancer Therapy which are Detoxification, Immunotherapy, Non-toxic Targeted Therapy, Nourishment, Lifestyle, Emotional and Spiritual Healing.

To win the battle against cancer, we at Akesis Life stands firmly by our Six Building Blocks of Health and they are as follows:

1. Detoxification

Our body has natural detoxification pathways, but with an increasingly toxic exposure we face daily, those pathways can be overloaded. Many studies show that healthy body detoxification pathways are an integral component of optimal health. Detoxification at the cellular level can be very efficient, especially in preventing cell mutations and disease prevention. One easy way is by managing one’s diet and focusing on foods that are less acidic, low in sugar content and without additives or preservatives.

2. Immunotherapy

These treatments help one’s immune system to find and attack cancer cells the same way it attacks bacteria and viruses. It uses substances made up of white blood cells, organs and tissues of the lymph system to improve or restore immune system function.

Immunotherapy can work by maximizing the immune system to prevent or slow down the growth of cancer and reduce the probability of spreading. Some examples of immunotherapy include Natural Killer Cell therapy, Cancer vaccines (prophylactic or therapeutic) and Cytotoxic T-cell therapy.

Benefits of Immunotherapy are as follows:

• Support Other Treatments: Other therapies, such as chemotherapy, may work better if applied in tandem with immunotherapy.

• Effective When Other Treatments Aren’t: Certain cancers, such as skin cancer, don’t respond well to chemotherapy or radiation but may respond well to immunotherapy.

• Fewer Side Effects: Because it targets only your immune system, you may experience fewer side effects.

• Cancer Less Likely to Return: Your immune system learns to go after cancer cells if they return (immune-memory).

3. Non-Toxic Targeted Therapy

Our Non-Toxic Targeted Therapy was established through in-depth multi-prong knowledge of cancer healing pathways. They include generic and specific intervention skills, clinical know-how, pharmacokinetics and more.

This wealth of expertise and extensive comprehension of the disease enables the Team at Akesis Life go far and beyond conventional medicine in effectively crushing the progression of cancer in our patients. Our non-toxic therapies are constituted to seek and exploit the weakness of the cancer cells, squeezing them into submission and eliminate all cancerous residue into extinction.

The accuracy and articulateness of these therapies ensure that no harm is done to any other vital or non-cancerous cells and at the same time without having to experience the aggravation and suffering of the conventional methods of treatment.

4. Nourishment

Our team of health experts emphasises that a healthy diet includes eating and drinking enough of the right foods to provide your body with the nutrients needed to function appropriately. Studies have shown that a nutritional balance diet is extremely essential for a cancer patient.

High-quality optimal amounts of essential nutrients such as carbohydrate (titrated accordingly), protein, essential fats (fats with healing properties), plant-based produce plus healthy preparation methods can keep one’s body strong and healthy. These factors mentioned can also reverse the diseases and assist in risk reduction, prevention and act as an anti-recurrence of cancer.

A good example is our raw food diet made from vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts. These foods are unprocessed or cooked, not surpassing more than 46oC (115oF). They are also free from chemicals, pesticides and toxins. Benefits like vitamins, enzymes and minerals are maintained so that the body can absorb and use them efficiently. It also helps with digestion, metabolism, waste elimination, improve healing function, assists with body restoration and boosts the immune system. “Let food be thy medicine” is a fantastic approach when looking at lifestyle changes and health.

5. Lifestyle

We all know, lifestyle is one of the main causative factors of cancer. Many health professionals maintain that healthy living means making positive behaviour changes as part of an ongoing, life-long process. To choose areas for improvement, we have selected 6 principal life-changing pointers:

Eat well

A healthy diet can help manage cancer side effects, quicker recovery, and improve health. May also lower one’s future risk of cancer.

Manage stress

Stress reduction can help you maintain your physical and mental health.

Getting enough sleep

Try to get an average of 7 to 8 hours a night. This improves your health, coping ability, moods, weight management, attention, memory and more.

Exercise regularly

Exercise during and after cancer treatment. It helps reduce fatigue, weight gain, and loss of strength. In addition to regular exercise, avoid sitting or lying down for long periods.

Accept practical and emotional support

Having a strong network of supportive people brings health benefits. Studies have shown that patients with the most social support had a better quality of life and lived longer.

Avoid environmental toxins

Limit exposure to environmental toxins that can increase one’s risk of cancer and other illnesses, such as tobacco smoke, asbestos, styrene (found in Styrofoam), just to name some.

6. Emotional and Spiritual Healing

It is a fact that our mind creates our reality to a far greater extent than we appreciate. We understand that if we are in a good mood, our day appears perfect or vice versa if not. We mostly do not know how deep the relationship between our mind and our reality goes. This is something which most spiritual traditions have always understood and now becoming a scientific understanding as well. Spiritually and now within the field of quantum theory, our minds or consciousness are literally creating our reality.

Physiologically, we too need to understand that negative emotions like fear, stress and anxiety are known to activate the part of our brain, which initiates physical response like ‘fight or flight’ mode. At the expense of shutting down non-essential systems, the body then creates an instant trigger factor as a response. The most relevant system that gets shut down here is the immune system which of course allows the disease to begin and prevents the healing of it.

Some cancer treatments can be harsh on a patient’s body. Hair loss, fatigue, weakness, nausea, and pain are common side effects having to live with the illness.

The toll cancer takes on one’s emotion is equally severe and may not be as easy to spot. Patients have to learn to manage feelings like anxiety, fear and depression at some point during their journey. When the body is under stress, it releases cortisol. This hormone sends blood and nutrients rushing to the brain and muscles so they can react to the threat. Muscles tense, breath quickens, and the heart beats faster. That takes resources away from other essential body systems, including the immune system. Mind-body medicine helps one relax and buffer some of these effects.

Cancer is no longer a death sentence.

At Akesis Life, our experienced team of medical experts have formulated a proven and highly effective treatment solution based on the above treatment platform.

What we do in Akesis Life

Our 3-stage process :

a.    Cultivating awareness: This is achieved through a few simple, practical methods:

i. Simple meditation practices. One should establish a regular, ideally morning time to sit doing calm abiding meditation. As little as 15 minutes of this already brings enormous benefits. The benefits of this enable the sense of presences, learning to control our thoughts and allowing space for positivity in our minds.

ii. This should be complemented with several short mindful breathing exercise breaks during the day. Only stopping 4 or 5 times during the day and observing our breath for one minute of 10 breathes is enough to achieve this.

iii. Maintaining one’s ethical balance of mental awareness and well-being. This is achieved through a no malice approach to life.

b.    Working with our negative emotions: Simple meditation is not enough to maintain our practice if we allow our unhealthy state of mind to remain uncontrolled. We need to face up and deal with our emotions.

i. There are usually ways to work with emotions, taking control and not absorbing its effect on our minds enhances our power of control.

ii. Also, each specific emotion has an antidote which we can use to reduce their influence. For example, everyday situations like traffic jams and illnesses can be simply overcome by adjusting the mind. Instead of becoming upset, use these moments to cultivate more patience and reflection.

c.     Cultivating healthy positive emotions: As mentioned earlier, we must deal with the fundamental issue of disconnection in our lives. There are many ways to deal with this, but the mind is where we must start. Addiction is an example where only a healthy mindset can create changes to overcome a persistent problem.

i. When thinking of the opposite to isolation and disconnection, love, compassion and wisdom come to mind. They are the right antidotes to a lot of mental and emotional drawbacks. A systematic mediation process that works on developing these emotions more strongly within us is the perfect solution.



Cancer is no longer a death sentence when you are getting the right treatment. We at Akesis Life are here to support you through your journey of healing. Our goal is to provide precision and quality care that enables all our clients to enjoy an optimal quality of life. Our staff and medical experts include a comprehensive interdisciplinary team of professionals who will consistently strive to go beyond your expectations to ensure that your healing journey with us is comfortable and stress-free.

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