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How Cells create energy by Dr Lodi

Four zeros. That’s how many chemical reactions are going on inside the body every second. I think that’s a septillion 24. That means the body is very, very busy. These chemical reactions that are going on every second is how your body works because remember you have 62 100 trillion cells in your body and they’re all needing all this energy and they get this energy through this mechanism here. When you got to sleep and you’re not eating, you still need to make the energy so your cells, there’s no glucose coming in the cell, so your cell starts to recycle the old organelles inside and so the mitochondria get recycled. That means they get torn down and it uses it for energy. Well, once this … The parts of the cells that do that are called the lysosomes.

The lysosomes are responsible for eating up all the old mitochondria and so that process is called autophagy. Two years ago the Nobel Prize in Medicine went to a Japanese researcher who discovered autophagy many years ago. Autophagy is how the body … When all the old mitochondria are eaten up, new ones come up. They’re born. You wake up in the morning and now you’ve got all these fresh mitochondria and you’ve got energy. Well, this happens in all of the cells.