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Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy

The colon is the final approximately 5 feet (1.4 meters) of the gastrointestinal tract, from mouth to rectum. One of its most important functions is to reabsorb the remaining 10-15% of the water that has been continually reabsorbed throughout the process of digestion. Reabsorption requires only 6 hours; therefore, a healthy colon will be emptied at least three times per day for those who eat that frequently.

The colon continues to reabsorb even though the bowels are not emptied and in addition to water, waste products and toxins go along for the ride. For this reason, the design of the colon is such that the veins that drain it coalesce into a system of veins (portal circulation) that join near the liver into one large vein, called the portal vein which enters direct into the liver in order for the contents to be detoxified before being circulated throughout the system.

In addition to this process of autointoxication affecting predominantly the liver, the contents of the colon become harder and harder as each hour passes making it more and more difficult to evacuate the bowels. Since the liver is expending a great deal of its resources on recycled wastes and toxins, it has fewer resources available for the toxins that are being continually ingested in the food and water taken throughout the day.

The result is an overworked, inefficient liver and the accumulation of toxins throughout the body. The waste that remains in the colon is a resource rich paradise for pathological microorganisms that multiply exponentially producing environmental conditions favorable to themselves such as changes in pH and the production of other chemicals that inhibit the growth of healthy bacteria.

Healthy bacteria such as bifidobacter bifidus produce substances that serve as food for the cells on the colon, specifically the short chain fatty acid, butyric acid, the cells of the colon are not induced to turn over as frequently as is optimal (every 3 days) resulting in cellular proliferation, one of the hallmarks of cancer.

Any serious attempt to regain health must keep in mind that colon cleansing is as necessary as fasting and then eating a healthy diet.

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