How To Become A Patient

How To Become A Patient

Admissions Process

From initial assessment to aftercare – will be handled seamlessly by our team.

Below is a step-by-step overview of our admissions process:

The initial phone call or email

Your healing journey with Akesis Life starts when you contact us by phone or email to learn about our treatment programmes and how it can help you. During your guidance call, we’ll ask you questions, walk you through our treatment options and give you all of the information you need.

You may be asked to submit your medical records ahead of the doctor’s video consultation for review.

Video consultation

After your initial guidance call or email, you’ll receive an appointment to talk with our medical team. During this video call, we’ll get to understand more about each other – your personal and medical history as well as understanding which of our many treatments would be best suited to you.

This consultation will help our medical team develop an appropriate treatment programme suited to your individual needs.

Treatment plan and quotation

After video call,you’ll receive a treatment plan and quotation from our admissions team. Once we confirm your eligibility, we’ll help you with transport/flights, accommodation, and any visa requirements.


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